Sometimes creative processes can seem cluttered and unorganized. But our process of creation is different. We have distilled it to be efficient, understandable, organized and –most importantly- enjoyable, without sacrificing the quality

Step 1: Research and Discovery

This video will become your strongest marketing tool, that’s why we won’t stop until we have a deep understanding of your company.

We’ll send you a Video Brief that you can spend 30 minutes filling out, and we’ll also immerse ourselves in your public media, and ask you for any internal assets we can get our hands on to help us understand your brand to its core.

This is the stage where your work stops

Step 2: Script Writing

Undoubtedly this is the most important part of your video, because the script will be the backbone of your effective video.

With the information from the previous step, we create a unique, easily digestible and engaging script. We ingrain proven psychological, and marketing principles to your script, so it will hit your target audience where it counts, and your message will stick.

The whole script will be tailored around your brand. It will tell your best story in a short amount of time.

Step 3: Visual Concepts

After the script is ready, and approved by you, then it’s time to move to the next stage.
Here, we’re going to develop some styleframes for you first. These are a couple of still images that will give you a glimpse to the overall look and feel of the animation (and characters if you have one). We make sure that we design the perfect images to match your message.

After the styleframes are approved, we will move forward into creating the full storyboard. We create the storyboard with detailed illustrations and detailed descriptions for the visuals.

So in this step, you can get a feel of how the video will look, before the animation stage begins

Step 4: VoiceOver

After you choose a gender and accent for the voiceover, we’ll then send you some samples from our professional voiceover artists that match your requirements. After you pick your favourite, the voiceover artist will read out the script in a studio environment.

Step 5: Animation and Sound Design

After every previous step has been approved, will bring your video to life. This is the most demanding and work-intensive stage of the process. In this step, the final graphics are created based on your approved visual concepts. Then those get animated frame-by-frame, so that you get a detailed, unique, engaging and truly effective video that helps your brand better communicate with your customers.

And we won’t stop there, we’ll add a background music that will match the video, and a few carefully-chosen sound effects to the appropriate places to complement your video.

Step 6: Delivery

Once the final video has been approved and the final payment has been made, we’ll render your video in HD, and send it to you, so you’ll get your brand new First Light video!

We can even give you some tips about the usage of your new video.

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